Thursday, October 13, 2011

Free eBook "Israel 101"

Revolutionize the way you think about the Holy Land--complimentary eBook!
The Middle East is on fire.
Popular uprisings are toppling once powerful regimes across the region.

In the short term, these changes pose grave risks to Israel. Among the first to be deposed were leaders who had been living in peace with Israel. Meanwhile, those tyrants most dedicated to destroying the Jewish State have maintained their hold on power. Even here at home, Israel is facing increasing enmity. In cities across America, a concerted effort is being made to boycott and delegitimize Israel. Make no mistake about it, these activists do not seek to change any particular Israeli policy; they seek to challenge Israel's very existence. And they are focusing their efforts on our college campuses.

As the threats to Israel continue to mount, you need not sit by with silent regret. There is something you can do—learn more about Israel and the Middle East so that you can stand up for Israel in her time of need.

As the challenges to Israel mount, silence is not an option.

FREE eBook: Israel 101
Follow this link to receive a complimentary copy of Israel 101 - the eBook. This clear and informative eBook sets forth the basics of the Arab-Israeli conflict and equips you to be more effective defender of Israel. The next time someone denounces Israel in your presence, you'll know exactly how to respond.

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